Cover Letter
Table of Contents
Final Response to Tim Hayes


 Discovery of a Number Code within the Bible,
which ~ in agreement with the open Bible Text ~ reveals
first Insights in the Plans of God for His Creation

 Discovered and published in the USA by
Del Washburn, Portland, Oregon, USA

Rendered in German, summarized and tested by
Kurt Fettelschoss, Uhidingen-Muhlhofen, Germany

NOTE:  The following table of contents contains the entire book by Kurt Fetteschoss, written in German. Only the highlighted portions apply to the scientific analysis portion which is presented here. Please click on the highlighted portions in blue to go to the proper web page. The larger files will be Acrobat Reader files.

Table of Contents

1.    What is Theomatics?

2.    How does Theomatics work?

3.    Conditions / Prerequisites for Theomatics

4.    The Number Values of the Hebrew and Greek alphabets

5.    Samples of Theomatic Values for words / phrases

6.    The Principle of Multiples

7.    The Clustering Phenomenon

8.    Theomatics and the Scientific Method

9.    A small Sampling of Theomatic Features

10.Selected Samples

10.1               "153" – Fishes in the net

10.2               "425" – Man created in the image of God

10.3               "90" – The prodigal son

10.4               "144" – 144 Thousands / God's elected number

10.5               "1260 / 42" – The periods of time in the end times prophecies

11   Statistical Evidence of Theomatics demonstrated at Luke 15:10-32

11.1   A short trip into statistics theory (PDF)

11.2   The statistical test method of Theomatics (PDF)

11.3   Critical remarks concerning the test method

11.4   A supplementary experiment (PDF)

Download: 11 thru 11.4 as PDF

12  First results in the area of controversy, Bible Interpretation and Bible prophecy

13  The Angelic Rebellion as a central topic of the Bible

14  Summary and Conclusions

15  Reference Notes


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