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Final Response to Tim Hayes

Kurt Fettelschoss

Dipl.-lng.  Dipl.-Wirtsch.-Ing.
Kurt FetteschoB – Castellstrabe  13A – D-88690  Uhdingen-Muehlhofen

Institute for Theomatics Research
c/o  Del Washburn
P.O. Box 507
Dundee, Oregon  97115 - USA

Uhldingen-Muehlhofen, 25th  August 2004

Dear Del:

Your Findings on theomatics as published in "Theomatics II" and in "The Original Code in the Bible" are very impressive. Unfortunately, not all the people in Germany can read and understand your books.  Therefore, I decided to prepare a summary presentation of theomatics in German. Before publishing the presentation I wanted to make sure, that the statistical evidence of your findings is correct.

Based upon your study "A Statistical and Probability Analysis ~ Luke 15:10-32," which you provided to me in May 2004, I have checked your method of testing. I have independently performed a significance level test on the observed quantity of hits and a chi square matching test on the observed clustering. These are the final results of my testing.

  • The observed quantity of theomatic hits is significantly not random.

  • The observed distribution of theomatic hits (clustering) is significantly not random.

For your information I am sending you the test details in the attachment to this letter. The pages are taken out from my summary presentation in German and are translated into English.

Test theory and test performance are based on my statistical education at Aachen Technical University, where I achieved two diploma (comparable to Master of Science), the first in aeronautical engineering, and the second in business administration.

Kind Regards,

KURT FETTELSCHOSS                                   

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